You Control Your Headphones’ Cord – You Control Your Music

I’m sure everyone has had situations when you look for a safe place to keep the headphones’ cord, because it is always tangling. And there are few to have already found the answer to this task. There are always solutions and ways out of any situations (well, almost any situations).

Thank God, there are some masters of a handcraft, called gadgetry. The knowledge about this handcraft has been transmitted from generation to generation so that today we could all have the little portable gadget called CordGo, which should free us from that the tangling and annoying cord.

CordGo is probably the simplest and most convenient accessory ever invented for the media gadgets; so now we can safely store our long cords and keep them organized. Earlier I would fold the piece of the cord I don’t need and stick it down my pocket, but now I can’t even imagine how I could actually survive this nightmare.

Now I can adjust the length of the cord and set it for the optimal length I need from my MP3 player to my ears. I can easily clip the gadget to anything clipable on my clothes and have it handy where I can always reach it (though I don’t know anymore what for I should try reaching it…) Some models of the gadget support also cords with volume control, but these models are not quite wide-spread.

Go Cord Control was designed for storing the headphones’ cord from mobile phones, but now they have been newly designed so that they could also store 3 mm thin headphone’s cords, USB cables, hands-free mobile headsets, docking stations, FM radios or anything else having a cord thin enough to fit the CordGo system. This system will also keep your cord away from being damaged, and thus the need for you to invest additional money in a new pair of earphones (or whatever else you like).

So now I enjoy my favorite music without having to be annoyed by the permanently tangling cord. And I’d really advise this little, yet very useful and comfortable gadget to everyone who doesn’t like doing anything in total silence. The CordGo will manage your cord at the length you’ve set up and there where you want it to be.

Okay, I’m way off into advertising the device, the thing I’m not supposed to do; but… ehhh… I just can’t help it!!! I want everyone to know that there are gadgets, that are made to help us out (like the CordGo) in this world full of bad things, and bad gadgets…

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