VAIO C Series laptops – The Pink

Spring is step by step closer and closer and people are going to look for something new and exclusive. So I decided to see what’s new on the market, which would fit the most refined tastes for the upcoming spring.

As you understand I can’t see into all things, as there are too many, so I guess I’ll just stick to something I’ve been looking for myself: a nice girlish laptop. As a matter of fact, I’m looking for a gadget for friend of mine. She’s having he birthday in March, so all of us thought we could chip in together and get a nice looking laptop.

So what is this thing? This is a C Series laptop from Sony VAIO. The pretty thing about it is that it comes in a range of various color patterns, and you are free to choose the one for yourself. When I say ‘a range of color’ I mean something like espresso black, glacier blue, seashell silver, urban gray, blush pink, SPRING green, and on, and on , and on… there are plenty of colors and designs.

Pink laptop from the VAIO C SeriesWell, I personally, thought of something pink (see the photo). I understand that it is not the general embodiment of spring, but it is for me. When I see pink, the spring comes into my soul!

OK, that’s enough about pink, pink, pink… let’s see what’s inside of this gadget: this series of laptops is based on the Intel Core 2 Duo processor (that’s tough), a pre-installed Home Premium Edition of the recently announced Windows Vista. The battery of the VAIO C Series mobile gadgets is expected to supply enough energy for up to 4.5 hours of work. The 160 GB hard drive will ensure maximum storage place for all the files I could possibly need (or not need).

Another rather distinctive feature of the C Series is the extra wide and flat screen: the 13.3 ” display is based on some new technology, called XBRITE (it’s nothing I’ve ever heard about, though I like the word ‘new’ here; and I guess it should mean ‘extra bright’).

The lights on a pink laptop from VAIO C SeriesTo end the description of my favorite spring gadget, I’d say that the memory is expandable thru the USB port; and if you have any other gadgets using the memory stick (camera, PMP, mobile phone… anything) you’ll feel addition comfort, as the C Series have an additional slot for this type of flash cards. It’s that easy!

I have come to the part I initially came up with this post: the search for your advice. I know that I haven’t given you exact and enough information about the gadget, but I’ll ask you anyway: how do you think, is it worth buying a pink C Series laptop?

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