The Most Feminine Laptop Bag – Knomo Teeli

Question: Is it not annoying that all the laptop bags are absolutely identical? They’re all black or dark colored. Well, they probably have some distinctive features, like a long handle, short handle, leather, maybe special material… and they’re all black.

Sometimes I have thought that bag manufacturers think that we still live in the 90’s and only business ladies have laptops. But as we all know, business women are known to be b**ches (sorry), who wear all black.

Surprise, Surprise! I’ve got a news for you, all you bag makers. We, simple, sensitive girls, who have feelings, taste, blogs and laptops and we don’t really like black, because black is lame.

This slim laptop bag is fully hand made. The main material is leather, which is however used with quilted nylon twill. The latter material is absolutely necessary in a bag, as it acts like a shock sponge, when the bag falls down with all its content accidentally.

This bag is perfect for any mobile gadget you have smaller than 15 inches. You could actually fit in a MacBook Pro of 15.4 inches. It is available in a wide range of colors, from which I like white and pink the most.

I enjoy only the simple thought of having a Knomo on my shoulder, sitting down on a bench, taking my pink VAIO out of it… and you, all you people around me in that moment, stare and envy… I like this thought.

A Knomo bag costs around $166. This is not very expensive for an extra light bag (0,5 kg), with a retractable padded handle and that ultimate interior and exterior protection for you favorite gadget.

And the most impressive feature of this bag is it’s ability not to forgotten (Oh, who can actually commit such a vandalism act and forget this beauty somewhere in Subway). It has an integrated tracking system, which gives each bag a code. This code is backed up by a help center, which is 24/7 at your service, if you’re in trouble with the bag. But I guess you’d better use this call center.

The only thing I do not know about this fancy feat of the bag is whether the tracking system actually works outside the US, but actually don’t really care. Yes, I’m rather insensitive, when it comes to such gadgets as the Knomo Laptop Bag.

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