Sliding Tabletop for Maximum Kitchen Comfort

Let me tell you story, I’ve heard from a friend I studied with back in high-school. This guy’s name was Dima (or Dmitri, whatever you like) and he was from Russia. He told us that in the mid 90’s the life sucked so much that people didn’t have a chance to keep their small apartments worm… the central heating was more like central refrigerating and the only room that was really worm was the kitchen. Why the kitchen? Because the mistresses used to turn on the gas oven and heat the kitchen so much, that it felt like tropics in there. And it was something like a tradition to receive the guests of the house in the kitchen and not in the improvised dining-room (you can figure how cold it could be in a room without heating up there in Russia).

So if you ask me what this story is all about, I can tell you that today the kitchens are not always used in accordance to their primary destination. Today people are used to have their meals in front of a TV screen, at a computer, though of course there are houses, where meals are served in specially equipped rooms.

However, (now I’m there) the ALNO Cooking Table was surely developed just to bring everyone back into the kitchen. The design of this cool kitchen gadget implies comfort and convenience.

The designer of this gadget has issued three main models of the table, which in short could be characterized as walnut/zebrano, bamboo/oak and white/mango. On the other hand, you must fall so much in love with this table so that you could rearrange your whole kitchen, so that the designs match. Now that would be insane… and neat! The main feature of this three variants gadget is that it is very compact (in the ‘compact’ state); although at the same time it has a sliding tabletop, which will provide your whole family with comfortable place for meal serving.

So the ALNO Cooking table combines a dual-zone induction cook-top with the sliding tabletop, mentioned above. This way the ALNO table makes it possible all the members of the family to eat and cook at the same table. This is so much fun, gather again together and chat for a long time, while the pan-cakes are getting ready.

Some of my readers might thing that in 21st century kitchen gadgets are no longer in the interest specter of the girls, yet anyways even boys do like kitchen things, so that they could impress us girls. And the question is why we shouldn’t be aware of the latest novelties and reviews. I guess we should combine our interest for cool technology gadgets, which unusual things we are bound to like.

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