Philips Goes Glamorous – Helped by Swarovski

Philips and Swarovski: a team to break every girl’s heart. I guess all the geeky girls will fall in love with the latest creations of this team. Philips provides the technology, Swarovski provides the stones so that every girls is satisfied (in other way!). The partners have designed a series of gadgets in two categories: USB keys and Stereo headphones. And all of these chic gadgets constitute one collection called ‘Active Crystals’.
The ‘Active Crystals’ collection is new, it actually is not even available, YET, but I’m sure there gadgets will have some fans here and there across the world. But you imagine, that everything which has a combination of letter forming ‘Swarovski’ in its name, doesn’t sound or look cheap… so it’s not like every girl could afford herself one (including me!).


The USB keys created by Philips and Swarovski are some unique pieces of technology, no very high though, but very, I mean VERY glamorous and shiny. This is probably the most fashionist way to store you files. They’ll be not only safe (they have a security password for read/write functions – didn’t expect huh?!), but also comfortable! There are four different types of storage devices: Heart Ware, Heart Beat, Lock In and Lock Out.
As you see the names of the sparkling gadgets have something suggestive in them. The first two have are 1 GB luxury pendants (how many secret letter can that store?) The Lock In and Lock Out can be attached to a keychain and have the same storage ability as the first ones.

The Glamour Gadgets will get on the shop shelves in August and there is not information about their possible price yet. But my guess is you should break all the piggy banks in you house (find the codes to your daddy’s safe, would be a good/bad idea too…) and see how much you still lack for buying one of those beauties.

The next series of deluxe gadgets is also part of the ‘Active Crystals’ collection and a product of Philips and Swarovski collaboration. These are 4 pairs of luxurious headphones.
The gadgets are made of polished metal and are embedded with chic Swarovski stones of different forms and cuts – some of which are navette and baguette.

This small sub-collection is also made of four items. There a three in-ear headphones – Amazone, Icon, Space – and headphones with a ear hook – Mirage. The Amazone version is not just a simple a pair of headphones, but one with noise isolating ear-buds on a necklace and clasp to hold an MP3 player.

All this jewelry is equipped with rubber pads to ensure good grip between the skin and headphones themselves.

The same history is here as with the USB keys: the headphones will be available for sale in August and if you’ve already broken all the piggy-banks in your house, including your little sister’s, to buy a USB key – I’m sorry! I guess you’ll have to break into a real bank now!

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