Mini Refrigerators for Big Pleasures

I’m sure there are many people who like going out in the parks or any other kinds of nature to spend some of our precious 21th century time out of the city, breathing some clear and fresh air, without CO2, Uranium and such stuff.

Mini fridge for big pleasuresUnfortunately there are not much gadgets to help us out with the problem of storing our products out in the nature, where there is no electricity, no mini power plants… actually almost nothing to keep everything cool in a hot day. Except of course those refrigerator bags, which actually don’t last very long.

Here is a way out: such Pylones Mini Refrigerators. This would be perfect for girls who like spending time on a blanket somewhere far away. There is actually a drawback of such far-away-in-the-nature picnics: you’ll need a car, so you could plug the fridge into the DC power supply of your car. On the other hand you’ll always have a fridge at hand and all the food and drinks will be stored in safe coolness.

So since the capacity of such chill-out mini gadgets is rather limited it would be impossible to use it as the chief cooling device in a house, but it would be perfect for any other room. There is an AC adapter foreseen for cases you don’t really go out in the nature.

Choose any design you wishIn a room the fridge could store a couple of drinks for you and you friends, if you throw a small party to a limited number of best friends. This way you don’t organize ambassadors downstairs to fetch some more fresh drinks.

A piece of advice for mummies: the mini fridge is a perfect gadget to install in the kids’ rooms, though be careful not to store there to much ice cream or sodas, as you know, the kids won’t stop eating and drinking until they see there’s nothing more to eat or drink (especially when they like it).

The purpose of this French specialty is something really indefinite and it is up to you deciding where to put it, what to make out of it and so on.

The retail price of the gadget is of about $130 and everything you’ll have to think about is what color it should be to fit into the overall design of your college dorm. I think the price allows just about everyone to have this nice and useful gadget, as it never lets your fruit and vegetables rotten out on a picnic on a hot day, and you’ll save time to spend with your friends, while not always running downstairs to fetch some more Cola.

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