Gadgets to Make Mornings Easier

Do you know the expression “Good morning”? I’m sure you do. So what I want to tell is that it is false: a morning can never be good! You always need some time to try to wake up (yes, TRY to wake up), then to take a shower, to try to prepare yourself breakfast, to get dressed, to get into the car and so on and on. My personal waking up process can last until I try to wake up the next morning.

Some manufacturers of different gadgets know about the situation with waking up and they tend to make our mornings easier (just like that Philips commercial says).

I’ve found two gadgets to make our mornings easier and more pleasant.

The first one is a Cereal Dispenser from Vincon. The gadget will make you forget about struggling with that cereal box every morning. It would be OK if the box and the plastic bag inside it were always open. But when the bag is closed – this is a nightmare for me: I’m starting to look for a knife, scissors or anything else to cut the darn bag; and I never find them quickly (that’s normal – my eyes are half open, or half closed…). This is really annoying when you are just trying to wake up.

And then I’ve heard about this Cereal Dispenser gadget. The concept of this device is the same as of those bubble-gum machines, where you insert a coin in the slot and you get a gum. The situation with the cereal dispenser is a bit different: you don’t have to pay for you cereal – you just twist the dial and get as much breakfast as you wish (though might think of some payment system for your visitors…). All you have to do is fill in some of you favorite cereal breakfast into the dispenser every now and then. You could always use for something else: how about making a piggy bank of it: in the morning you just twist the dial and get your hand filled with coins. So, this is just about everything you have to do with it: fill in, anything able to sip down the hole, and twist.


RollerToaster – exclusivity in the kitchenIf you don’t like cereal, you might try some other gadgets. How about the RollerToaster? Don’t know what this is? I doubt that – it’s a toaster, though not a usual one. The gadget is a concept designed by Jaren Goh from Singapore. It represents a small-sized toaster, which functions like a paper cutter, in way: the mechanism takes your slice of fresh bread through the gadget and the bread comes out on the other side crispy and brown, and ready for anything you like to see on your toast in the morning.

This gadget will need less space in your kitchen than the traditional toasters and will surely become a bestseller among people, who like to stand out. It “WILL BECOME”, because the gadget is still a concept and there is no information on its pricing or release date. There is actually nothing to say more about it, other than I’ll have one for sure!!!

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