Apple Keyboard + Apple iPod

I’d like to confess something: I love iPod players!!! With my attitude towards exclusiveness I yielded to the sexiest media player of the beginning of this century. I love everything in it: the design, the color (whatever it is), the navigation buttons, the sound, the… actually just about everything. There is though another thing I love about it: that you can find almost everything made FOR it or LIKE it.

And this week there came out news about a keyboard, made to dock with MY favorite player. The whole thing should have developed very secretly, though apparently some guys from an Apple repair depot have mistakenly replaced some broken Apple keyboards with some new ones, unannounced iPod keyboards. The rumor has it that all the new and TOP SECRET keyboards have been returned to their owner, i.e. Apple, yet some special fans of iPod (ME) are already expecting the novelty to come out and see the light.

iPod Keyboard TogetherApple is not rushing to give us the Apple iPod keyboard, that’s why Razer is probably going to do it soon. You know perhaps that Razer has already made some outstanding designs, which actually looked more attractive than the same products from Apple. That’s why some say that Razer will beat Apple on this market of gamers’ gadgets.

So back to the keyboard… After Razer has issued an exclusive futuristic mouse, which conquered the palms and mouse pads of the gamers all over the world, it is now going to give to the same gamers’ world a new iPod compatible keyboard – the Razer Pro Type keyboard – which will be yet mostly used by the music lovers.

The keyboard has an iPod docking slot, where you can safely place your baby and let it rest in there. It is also equipped with 10 additional keys for easy navigation and administration of the media gadget, some USB ports and a slot for other audio accessories.

The only minus I found in this gadget was that it was too big. I know I can’t judge it only looking at the photo, but comparing it with other devices from this series, I would say that it’s kind of… ehhhh… oversized. However, after all, it’s only my opinion… and nevertheless, I’m going to have it!!!

By the way, if you liked it, I’d say you should also get a Razer keyboard when it comes out and not wait for the one from Apple, because, first of all, it won’t happen soon, and second, I don’t think you’ll spare much money…

So now, we thank those guys from Apple repair shops, who replaced the keyboards, AS NOW WE KNOW THE TRUTH! And I guess, it is not that bitter… this time.

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